What Is the Sage Project?

The Sage Project connects classes at San Diego State University with high-priority, high-need community projects. By enrolling in courses that participate in the Sage Project, you can get real-world experience outside of the classroom and provide meaningful service to the community, all while completing the units you need to get your degree.

Why Should I Get Involved?
  • No additional volunteer work: You get credit for working on real-world community-based projects that are already integrated into your class.
  • We connect with courses from a wide range of disciplines, including city planning, civil engineering, geography, graphic design, homeland security, marketing, public administration, public health, and many more!
  • By working closely with community partners, you can make professional contacts that can lead to professional opportunities, internships, and full-time jobs.
  • Build your resume: Develop skills that are directly translatable to the workforce and look great on your resume.
How Can I Participate?
  • Check out the current list of courses that are participating each semester;
  • Talk to your professors about collaborating with the Sage project;
  • Contact us to find out how you can volunteer, do independent study, or apply for an internship!

What are Students Saying?

“[A]ny time you can get real-world experience in an industry you are passionate about to interact with government, it’s a good idea.”

Joey Zaniboni

Real Estate major

“My experience with the Sage Project has greatly impacted how I am choosing to shape the direction of my major (Sustainability) and minor (Recreation Administration). I am hoping to enroll in another class that is affiliated with the Sage Project this Fall; working with the city of Santee sounds like another constructive experience. It’s been an enriching educational experience!”

Leila De Silva

Sustainability major

“My involvement with the Sage Project allowed my classmates and me to take what we’ve learned and apply it to a real life situation…The Sage Project is a program that can open many doors for SDSU students, cities and the residents of those cities. I was offered a full-time position at City Hall in the Neighborhood Services Division, where I work at now. All from taking one class.”

Jessica Madamba

City Planning graduate student

“This experience has shaped my career goals…”

Shannon Mulderig

Urban Studies graduate

“This is an opportunity to make a difference…”

Kris Rios

Sustainability graduate

“[F]or those students considering joining the Sage Project, I recommend that everybody get involved for the opportunity to gain leadership and real world experience. There are also many great opportunities for building a network through self-exposure for your future career.”

Piper Whalen

Graphic Design student and Sage Project intern