Fall 2016 Courses

LG City LogoThe following courses participated in the Sage Project during the Fall 2016 semester, as part of our partnership with the City of Lemon Grove.


  • ART-341 Graphic Design II (P. Cué)
  • ART-341 Graphic Design II (M. Kim)
  • ART-454 Environmental Graphic Design (C. McCampbell)
  • CIV E-495 Capstone Design Project (J. Prince)
  • C P-695 Computer Applications for Urban Design (B. Appleyard)
  • ENS-433 Exercise, Sport and Aging (F. Comana)
  • FIN-333 Law of Real Property (S. Kaplowitz)
  • FIN-437 Real Estate Development (D. Kuhn)
  • GEOG-484 Geographic Information Systems (A. Nara)
  • GEOG-596 Data Management for GIS (A. Nara)
  • GEOG-572 Land Use Analysis (D. Richardson)
  • HONOR-113 Seminar in Honors Connection and Commitment (S. Flanigan)
  • HONOR-113 Seminar in Honors Connection and Commitment (K. Maher)
  • P H-452 Health Impacts of Climate Change (Z. Chowdhury)
  • P H-499 Independent Study (Z. Chowdhury)