Spring 2017 Courses

LG City LogoThe following is a tentative list of courses that are participating in the Sage Project during the Spring 2017 semester, as part of our partnership with the City of Lemon Grove.


  • ANTH-583 GIS and Imagery Analysis (I. Ullah)
  • ART-545 Design Studio (G. Benzel)
  • CIV E-495 Capstone Design Project (J. Prince)
  • COMM-462 Ethnography and Communication (K. Lindemann)
  • C P-700 Urban Design and Land Use Planning Studio (B. Appleyard)
  • GEOG-484 Geographic Information Systems (C. English)
  • GEOG-584 Geographic Information Systems Applications (A. Nara)
  • GEOG-596 Geographic Information Systems Programming with Python (A. Nara)
  • P A-501 Nonprofit Organizations and Government (S. Flanigan)
  • P H-304 Environment and Public Health (Z. Chowdhury)
  • P H-632 Air Quality (Z. Chowdhury)
  • POL S-603 Seminar in Foundations of Public Policy (K. Maher)
  • THEA-525 Dramaturgy (M. Orr)