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A partnership with the Sage Project at SDSU provides your community with thousands of hours of work from hundreds of engaged students with fresh, creative, and innovative perspectives and dozens of faculty experts with extensive knowledge of cutting-edge research and its practical application. Partnership with the Sage Project is not philanthropy or a donation. It is a mutually beneficial investment in the future of your community.

We want to hear from you! If you are interested in a partnership with Sage on one project or on many projects, let us know

Sage Invitation for Partnership (PDF)

Sample Proposal from City of Santee (PDF)

Sample Proposal from City of Lemon Grove PDF)

Sage Project Information Packet (PDF - large file)

Reports from prior partnerships (library archives)

Benefits to Partnering with the Sage Project at SDSU:

  • Get results fast and in bulk. In one academic year, students put in thousands of hours into hundreds of creative and implementable project-related ideas, solutions, analyses, and designs based on their training, their knowledge of the community, and their research on relevant projects around the world under the guidance of faculty experts with extensive knowledge of cutting-edge research and its practical application.

  • Revitalize or revamp stagnant projects.The work done by students is creative and reflects new and innovative perspectives that may otherwise be absent due to limited time and resources, which in turn can get stagnant projects moving again by motivating staff and the community.

  • Attract positive publicity, energy, and enthusiasm for your community. Sage Project staff coordinate with the press to generate media attention and interest in the community within the community, across the university, and throughout the county. Faculty and student engagement results in an improved reputation for your city as future-oriented and sustainability-focused.

  • SDSU students advocate and work for your community. Participating students serve as knowledgeable voices in the community who educate other students, residents, business owners, and future employers about their experiences and their contributions to the partnership. Many students have accepted community intern and staff positions as a direct result of successful collaboration through the Sage Project.

  • Generate professional reports for your projects. Upon completion of each project, or milestone of a given project, students present their designs, analyses, solutions, and recommendations to the city in a public format to the city and community. The Sage Project then consolidates their work into a professional report that the city partner can then use for decision-making.

Previous partnerships with the Cities of National City, Santee, San Diego, Tijuana, Lemon Grove, and La Mesa have been tied to goals and initiatives developed in consultation with city staff and city councilmembers, including:

  • Street improvements to slow traffic, enhance pedestrian safety, address stormwater runoff, and beautify the area with drought-tolerant landscaping
  • Land use analysis and designs for redevelopment of sites in a designated tourism district
  • Recommendations for enhancement of the city’s Emergency Operations Plan using social media, technology, and funding
  • Improved wayfinding and signage throughout parks, tourist attractions, and high-density areas
  • Policy recommendations for cost savings for the city’s general fund
  • Analysis of air quality and noise pollution due to industry and recommendations for mitigation of impact on the health and well-being of the city’s residents
  • Needs assessment for community services related to health, safety, and social well-being of residents
  • Strategic planning
  • Policy recommendations related to homelessness
  • San Diego River water quality and stormwater runoff
  • Designs for enhancing quality and accessibility of parks in underserved neighborhoods
  • GIS mapping of park assets, pedestrian ramps and storm drains
  • Climate action planning


“The Sage Project is a meaningful partnership that allows National City to remain committed to, and in some cases accelerate, our strategic goals during a time when most cities are struggling to provide basic services. San Diego State University has so much brainpower, and now it is being directed to help deal with real issues at a local level as part of a larger effort by universities to play a meaningful role in the sustainability of their communities.” – Brad Raulston, City Manager, City of National City

“...a remarkable 800 percent return on the initial investment,” – Mike James, Assistant City Manager and Director of Public Works, City of Lemon Grove

“The work that was performed by the students under the Sage Project helped the City kick off two very important projects that would not otherwise have been possible.  We have been very impressed with the quality of their work. The data collected and the analysis performed has already proved to be very helpful as we move forward on both of the projects.” – Kathy Valverde, Assistant to the City Manager, City of Santee

Let us know you’re interested!

If a collaboration with SDSU sounds right for your community, contact Program Administrator Kristofer Patrón (619 594-0103) to learn about current partnership opportunities.