Brenda Hammond takes a walkCommunity garden taking root in L.G.

“This is really exciting for Lemon Grove,” Gastil said. “A lot of us wanted a community garden in 2008, but we had in mind that it would be a city project. The rest of the council thought it would be better for a community organization to put it together, and that’s what we have going now. We have a great group of people working together.”

2/12/18 San Diego Union-Tribune


Lemon Grove Mayor Racquel Vasquez is joined by volunteersLemon Grove breezeway gets updated, fresh look

“We wanted to make something that would include community involvement,” said Catlin Carr of La Mesa, the mural designer who is part of SDSU’s Sage Project. “We wanted to have a lot of colors that were bright and radiant and make the area more eye catching and nice for people to come hang out.” 
SDSU professor Chris McCampbell and a group of 16 of his environmental graphic design students have worked on other projects to beautify Lemon Grove as well, with more to come, he said.

11/8/17 San Diego Union-Tribune

Students in SDSU’s Sage Project and Lemon Grove community membersSDSU’s Sage Project Creates Public Art for Lemon Grove

“I try to teach my students not only how to deal with scale and application, but also how to visually communicate in public spaces, where social and political issues may affect their work,” said McCampbell. “I asked the students to sketch out ideas for imagery that reflected Lemon Grove's history and also spoke to its present and future aspirations as a city that is growing and undergoing transition.”

6/2/17 SDSU NewsCenter

Jessica Barlow presenting The Sage Project hosts research symposium  

According to its website, Lemon Grove has a population of 26,000 residents in southeast San Diego County.As a small municipality nested within an expansive metropolis, Lemon Grove faces the unique challenge of preserving its unique history and small town charm amidst a largely urban landscape. Since its start, the program has worked with 48 faculty members and over 3,200 students on 37 projects.

5/3/17 The Daily Aztec

Lemon Grove's large lemon statueShowcasing Success of Sage Project

Nearly 800 students from more than 30 classes tackled a variety of issues in Lemon Grove as part of their course curriculum. With the help of 19 faculty members, the students analyzed the city’s urban areas, created an infrastructure maintenance and improvement project, developed a wall mural, and worked on branding for the city.

4/19/17 SDSU NewsCenter

trolley at the Massachusetts Avenue trolley stationSDSU Students Help Shape Climate Plan in Lemon Grove

"Here's Lemon Grove Avenue, here's the (state Route) 94 to orient you guys," said Miranda Evans, a city management analyst. Evans explained where the community is and what challenges the city of about 26,000 residents is dealing with. Most of the challenges are linked to the city’s financial struggles in the wake of the great recession. Money woes forced the city to cut back all of its recreation programs, although the recreation facilities are still there.

3/16/17 KPBS

ciudades hermanas ensenadaInstalaron en Ensenada el Comité de Ciudades Hermanas

“Hablar de Ciudades Hermanas es hablar de unidad y eso es muy importante para el XXII Ayuntamiento de Ensenada, sin duda este Comité tiene mucho que dar porque su horizonte será tan grande como lo queramos hacer, por eso invito a mis compañeros a que trabajemos unidos por el bien de todos”, afirmó.

3/11/17 Monitor Económico de Baja California


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